Daily Editorial Cloze Test Quiz – 51

Editorial Cloze Test Quiz

The Indian Premier League is the high point in the international cricket calendar. ______(1)_______2008 the annual summer staple has dished out gargantuan pay cheques, nail-biting contests and massive sixes. The player Auctions often witness franchises breaking their respective banks. Despite the initial squeak of the former Australian wicket-keeper Adam Gilchrist that he _____(2)______like ‘cattle’ up for sale to the highest bidder, or the 2013 spot-fixing scandal, the IPL is here to stay. For a brand which in its formative years Rahul Dravid succinctly described as “a domestic tournament with an international flavour”, the IPL has quadrupled its growth and in the future could perhaps challenge the International Cricket Council’s global events, be it the World Cup or the World Twenty20. The league _______(3)________the world’s leading cricketers, with the unfortunate exception of Pakistani players, and it gained a further financial fillip this week when Star India ______(4)________₹16,347.5 crore to acquire the media rights for the next five years. It dwarfed the ₹8,200 crore Sony paid for the TV rights in the previous 10-year contract. That a broadcaster is willing to stake so much is confirmation of the traction the IPL has gained among television audiences, and the lodestone it remains for corporates and advertisers. The successful bid also reiterates the plain truth that India is cricket’s commercial hub. The trend of staggering money on offer for anything that is cricket-related in India has been evident ______(5)______the last few years. The enormous bids Chinese phone manufacturers Vivo (₹2,199 crore) and Oppo (₹1,079 crore) made for the IPL title sponsorship and the Indian team’s sponsorship, respectively, earlier this year drive home the point.

Editorial Cloze Test Quiz

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