Daily Editorial Cloze Test Quiz – 5

Editorial Cloze Test Quiz

After a century of spectacular growth powered by the internal combustion engine, the automobile industry is taking a serious _____(1)______at moving away from fossil fuels, with cars, bikes and commercial vehicles ______(2)________by electricity. This quest for electro mobility has surged ahead with Volvo, the Sweden-based manufacturer owned by China’s Geely, announcing a shift to all-electric or hybrid models from 2019. At the _____(3)______of the discussion is the affordability of e-vehicles (EVs) and the range they can cover on a single battery charge, if they are to become an attractive replacement for conventional motors. There is also the question of the sustainability of ______(4)_______millions of batteries that must be recycled. Progress is being made on some of these metrics, as a result of which the sales of all plug-in vehicles rose 40%, at 191,700 units worldwide, in the first quarter of 2017 over the same quarter in 2016. And the International Energy Agency says in its Global EV Outlook Report 2017 that the year-on-year growth was 60%. But in perspective, electric vehicles today make up only 0.2% of all light duty vehicles in the world. What is enlivening the debate on EVs is the entry of Tesla, with its goal to mass-market electric cars that are efficient on range, and _____(5)_______a minimum of 340 km on one charge, while also scoring high on design.

Editorial Cloze Test Quiz

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