Daily Editorial Cloze Test Quiz – 43

Editorial Cloze Test Quiz

U. S. President Donald Trump’s decision to _______(1)________the country’s military engagement in war-torn Afghanistan signals a significant shift in the position he has held for years. Mr. Trump had campaigned to end American involvement in foreign conflicts and was particularly critical of the Afghan war, which he said was “wasting” American money. His announcement on Monday of the decision to _____(2)______more troops to the country reflects a realisation that the U.S. does not have ______(3)_______options in dealing with its longest military conflict. This is also a grim reminder of the precarious security situation in Afghanistan. Sixteen years since George W. Bush ordered the American invasion of Afghanistan and toppled the Taliban regime, the insurgents are on the ascendant again. More than half the country’s territory, mostly in rural, mountainous areas, is now ______(4)_______by the Taliban, while the Islamic State has set up base in eastern Afghanistan. In recent years, both the Taliban and the IS have carried out a number of terror attacks in the country, including at highly fortified military locations, raising questions about the very survival of the government in Kabul. This is a worry point for Mr. Trump’s generals, who want to avoid the kind of vacuum left behind by the Soviet withdrawal in the late 1980s that _______(5)_______Afghanistan into a protracted civil war; the Taliban eventually took over.

Editorial Cloze Test Quiz

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