Current Affairs Quiz – September 27 2015

Current Affairs Quiz

1. Which is the world’s oldest Aircraft Carrier?
a) INS vikramaditya
b) INS Viraat
c) INS Vikrant
d) NOne of the above

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Answer b) INS Viraat The ship started its Journey in 1958.

2. Which Country announced its first air strikes against the Islamic State group?
a) The United States of America
b) Nepal
c) France
d) United Kingdom

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Answer c) France.

3. The WHO took ________the list of polio-endemic countries, hailing a “historic achievement”.

a) Nigeria
b) Nepal
c) Switzerland
d) India

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Answer a) Nigeria.

4. Which Indian player won the IBSF World Billiards Championship held in Adelaide, Australia?

a) Pankaj Arora
b) Geet Sethi
c) Kamal Chawla
d) Pankaj Advani

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Answer d) Pankaj Advani. It was his 14th Title

5. Who won the Japanese Grand Prix ?
a) Nico Rosberg
b) Lewis Hamiltion
c) Sebastian Vettel
d) Kimi Räikkönen

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Answer b) Lewis Hamiltion.

6. A noted environmentalist, who played a crucial role in planting mangroves in various parts of Kerala, has died. Name the person.
a) Mansukhlal Raghavjibhai Prajapat
b) Mike Pandey
c) Bhumi
d) Kallen Pokkudan

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Answer d) Kallen Pokkudan.

7. Manipur Governor passed away. Name the person.
a) Syed Ahmed
b) Nirbhay Sharma
c) Sudesh Mahto
d) Tathagata Roy

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Answer a) Syed Ahmed.

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