Current Affairs Quiz – July 12 & 13 2018

Current Affairs Quiz – July 12 & 13 2018

1. From which country India will buy S-400 missile?
a) South Korea
b) USA
c) Russia
d) Israel

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Answer. c) Russia. India will buy the Russian S-400 Triumf air defence missile despite US sanctions on military transactions with Russia, Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said. She said the law under which the US has imposed sanctions is an American law and not a UN law. India has conveyed its position on the matter to the US, she added.

2. Who is the 2nd richest person in Asia?
a) Mukesh ambani
b) Jack Ma
c) Ratan Tata
d) None of these

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Answer. b) jack ma. Reliance Industries Chairman and India’s richest person Mukesh Ambani dethroned Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba’s Co-founder Jack Ma to become Asia’s richest person as RIL shares hit an all-time high. Ambani’s net worth now stands at $44.3 billion as compared to Jack Ma’s $44 billion wealth, according to Bloomberg. Ambani has added $4 billion to his wealth this year.

3. In which sports Hima wins India its first gold at World Junior C’ships?
a) Running
b) Shot Put
c) Badminton
d) Long Jump

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Answer. a) running. Hima Das won the women’s 400m event at the IAAF World Junior Championships to become the first-ever Indian to clinch track gold in a world championship across all age groups. The 18-year-old clocked 51.46 seconds to claim the first position. Das had clocked an Indian U-20 record of 51.32 seconds to finish sixth in 2018 CWG 400m final.

4. Dada Vaswan was a
a) Instructor
b) Teacher
c) Journalist
d) Spiritual leader

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Answer. d) spiritual leader. Dada JP Vaswani, spiritual leader and head of the Sadhu Vaswani Mission passed away at the age of 99. Vaswani had been in the hospital for a few days but had been discharged. Known for promoting vegetarianism, he was reportedly close to PM Narendra Modi.

5. India joined European Bank for Reconstruction and Development as its ______ member.
a) 65
b) 50
c) 69
d) 71

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Answer. c) 69. India formally joined the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), becoming the London-based multilateral lender’s 69th member. The membership will help Indian companies undertake joint investments in regions in which the EBRD operates. EBRD, whose core operations pertain to the private sector, has worked with Indian companies including Tata group and Jindal group

6. Which country’s scientists developed hybrid chayote fruit to battle cancer?
a) China
b) Mexico
c) Thailand
d) Russia

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Answer. b) Mexico. Researchers from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) developed a hybrid chayote fruit from two wild Mexican species, which could be used to battle cancer. The raw extract of this fruit is as effective as Cytarabine, a medication used to treat some types of cancer.
According to figures from the World Health Organization, cancer is the second cause of death in the world, killing nearly 9 million people a year.

7. Who received lifetime achievement award at Seatrade 30th Anniversary?
a) Ravi Mehrotra
b) Chris Hayman
c) Rajiv Singh
d) Heena sindu

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Answer. a) rajiv. Dr Ravi Mehrotra CBE, Chairman of Foresight Group International Ltd., was presented with a lifetime achievement award by Chris Hayman (Chairman, Seatrade) at the Seatrade 30th Anniversary Award Ceremony held at the Landmark, London. The award recognises recipients who have made a significant and lasting contribution to shipping and the maritime industry.

8. With which bank Indian Army signed MoU on the Defence Salary Package?
a) PNB
b) Citi
c) SBI
d) BOI

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Answer. c) SBI. Defence Salary Package will include free personal accident death, free permanent total disability cover and other accidental benefits to the deceased soldier and family. The first MoU between SBI and the Indian Army was signed in 2011 and was renewed in February 2015. The renewed MoU will be valid till January 3, 2019.

9. Which state will launch ‘One farmer one transformer’ scheme from 15th August?
a) Maharashtra
b) Madhya Pradesh
c) Bihar
d) Rajasthan

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Answer. a) Maharashtra. order to reduce electricity losses, the Maharashtra government will launch a new scheme allocating “one transformer per farmer”.
Two lakh farmers will be given electricity connection for high voltage distribution line which will ensure uninterrupted power supply.Farmers who lose their cattle in attack by wild animals will now get Rs 40,000, up from Rs 25,000 earlier. Rs 2 lakh hike in the compensation given to the kin of people killed in an attack by wild animals was announced. Each affected family will now get Rs 10 lakh instead of Rs 8 lakh earlier.

10. Who launched consolidated Bridge Management System?
a) AAI
c) Railway
d) Metro

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Answer. c) railway. Railway Minister Piyush Goyal launched BMS for “meaningful assimilation, analysis and dissemination of information related to various activities” about its bridges. The web-based platform will show the bridge master data, works data, information regarding inspection/monitoring and maintenance of the bridges and other essentials. Goyal at the launch, also felicitated artists whose work at seven railway stations across the country won them the top prize in the national transporter’s in-house station beautification contest.

11. Who inaugurated new HQ building of Archaeological Survey of India?
a) Vice president
b) President
c) Prime Minister
d) Home minister

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Answer. PM. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, inaugurated Dharohar Bhawan – the new Headquarters building of the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI). The new Headquarters building of ASI has been equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, including energy efficient lighting and rainwater harvesting. It includes a Central Archaeological Library with a collection of about 1.5 lakh books and journals.

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