Current Affairs Quiz – December 30 2019

Current Affairs Quiz – December 30 2019

1. eBkray is associated with___________.
a) Banks
b) Army
c) Navy
d) Air Force

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Answer a) Banks. Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has launched eBkray, an common e-auction platform to enable online auction of attached assets transparently and cleanly for the improved realization of value by banks.

2. India scored_______ in Sustainable Development Goals Index 2019 -2020.
a) 40
b) 55
c) 60
d) 64

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Answer c) 60. India has improved its composite score from 57 in 2018 to 60 in the Sustainable Development Goals Index 2019-20.

3. SBI cuts external benchmark-based rate by _______ bps.
a) 13
b) 18
c) 22
d) 25

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Answer d) 25. The country’s largest lender, State Bank of India, today announced a reduction in its external benchmark-based rate by 25 basis points to 7.80 per cent from 8.05 per cent.

4. CEBR – in this “B” represents____________.
a) Bureau
b) Board
c) Business
d) Bilingual

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Answer c) Business. India is expected to become the fourth largest economy by 2026 and the third largest by 2034, according to a report by UK-based Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR).

5. National Symposium of Poets 2020 organised by___________.
a) Doordharsan
b) Press Information Bureau
c) Press Trust Of India
d) All India Radio

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Answer d) All India Radio. All India Radio (AIR) organized the National Symposium of Poets 2020 on 27 December 2019. This edition of poet symposium was attended by select poets from all corners of country, who gave their presentations and captivated the hearts of people.

6. Maximum age limit for Chief of Defence Staff put at ___________.
a) 60
b) 62
c) 64
d) 65

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Answer d) 65. The government has amended rules putting the maximum age limit of 65 years for the Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) to serve in the post. The changes have been made in the Army Rules, 1954, according to a notification by the defence ministry.

7. ISRO planning to launch satellite named as___________to study sun.
a) Aditya
b) Aryabhatta
c) Asaar
d) SA-21

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Answer a) Aditya. Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his last ‘Mann ki Baat’ programme of this year said that the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is planning to launch a satellite called Aditya to study the sun.

8. Which state govt has launched e-certificate project to provide caste, residence and income certificates online?
a) Odisha
b) Himachal Pradesh
c) Arunachal Pradesh
d) Manipur

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Answer a) Odisha. The Odisha government has launched a unique “people-friendly” project to provide official documents such as income, residence and similar other certificates online without any fees.

9. Udayan Mane bagged TATA Steel Tour C’ship title 2019, is associated with__________.
a) Golf
b) Wrestling
c) Boxing
d) Swimming

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Answer a) Golf. In Golf, Udayan Mane produced a flawless seven-under 65 on the final day to claim a thrilling one-shot win at the season-ending TATA Steel Tour Championship in Jamshedpur.

10. China successfully launched largest carrier rocket named as_____________.
a) CR-L
b) CZ-5
c) LCR-C
d) CMC-9

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Answer b) CZ-5. China has successfully launched the largest carrier rocket of the country, Long March-5, from Wenchang Space Launch Center in south China’s Hainan Province. The rocket, also known as CZ-5, blasted off with more than 1,000 tonnes of thrust at 8.45 pm.