Current Affairs Quiz – December 22′ 2016

Current Affairs Quiz

1. Name the Author who won Sahitya Akademi Award for English Language?
a) Jnan Pujari
b) Kamal Vora
c) Jerry Pinto
d) Aziz Hajini

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Answer c) Jerry Pinto. He won the Award for his Novel Em and the big Hoom.

2. Who won the 2016 SASTRA Ramanujan award?
a) Paul Bishop
b) Simon Kerton
c) Maksym Radziwill
d) Juan Ke Ching

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Answer c) Maksym Radziwill. The 2016 SASTRA-Ramanujan award for mathematics was presented to Maksym Radziwill of McGill University, Canada, at the inauguration of the International Conference on Number Theory at SASTRA University at Kumbakonam. The joint winner is Kaisa Matomaki of University of Turku, Finland.

3. Who won both the ICC Cricketer of the Year and the ICC Test cricketer of the Year award?
a) Virat Kohli
b) Quinton de Kock
c) MS Dhoni
d) Ravichandran Ashwin

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Answer d) Ravichandran Ashwin. Virat Kohli was named captain of the ICC ODI Team of the Year, while Ravindra Jadeja and Rohit Sharma also featured in that team.

4. MC Mary Kom has received the ‘___________’ from the International Boxing Association (AIBA) on their 70th anniversary on 20 December.
a) Warriors Award
b) Icon Award
c) Legends Award
d) Saga Award

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Answer c) Legends Award. An Olympic bronze- medallist and a five-time world champion, Mary Kom is also Rajya Sabha MP.

5. World’s largest self-defence class is recently held in
a) Telangana
b) Gujarat
c) Tamil Nadu
d) Karnataka

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Answer a) Telangana. The Warangal police has secured its place in the Guinness Book of World Records by organising the largest self-defence training class, for 21,276 female students simultaneously.

6. Girija Vaidyanathan has been appointed as the Chief Secretary of
a) Karnataka
b) Tamil Nadu
c) Andhra Pradesh
d) Kerala

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Answer b) Tamil Nadu. Tamil Nadu Chief Secretary P. Rama Mohana Rao, whose house and office were raided by Income Tax officials , has been sacked. Girija Vaidyanathan has replaced Rao as the chief secretary of Tamil Nadu government.
7. Which country will host the fifth edition of the Global Conference on Cyber Space (GCSS) in 2017?
a) USA
b) Germany
c) India
d) Singapore
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Answer c) India. India has been selected for hosting Global Conference on Cyber Space (GCCS) in 2017. The UK had hosted the first GCCS in 2011 followed by Budapest in 2012. South Korea hosted the event 2013 and the Netherlands in 2015.

8. National Mathematics Day is observed on
a) December 21
b) December 22
c) December 23
d) December 24

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Answer b) December 22. National Mathematics Day in India is celebrated on December 22. It commemorates the birth anniversary of Srinivasa Ramanujan, an Indian mathematician who made significant contributions to several fields of mathematics. Srinivasa Ramanujan was born on December 22, 1887 in Erode.

9. Pratikar-1 is the joint military exercise between _________ and _________.
a) India and Nepal
b) Nepal and Bhutan
c) China and Nepal
d) India and Bhutan

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Answer c) China and Nepal. Beginning a new level of bilateral military engagement, Nepal will hold its first ever joint military exercise with China on February 10.

10. Arjun Bhati is associated with
a) Badminton
b) Chess
c) Golf
d) Snooker

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Answer c) Golf. 12-year-old Arjun Bhati has won the Kids Golf World Championship 2016 in Malaysia defeating South Africa’s Methu Denish to secure the first position.

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