Current Affairs Quiz – August 04 & 05 2018

Current Affairs Quiz – August 04 & 05 2018

1. Which junction has renamed as Deen Dayal Upadhyaya junction?
a) Mughalsarai junction
b) Varanasi Junction railway st.
c) Patna Junction railway st.
d) Gaya Junction railway st…

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Answer a) Mughalsarai junction. Uttar Pradesh’s iconic Mughalsarai junction was officially named after RSS ideologue Deen Dayal Upadhyaya. BJP President Amit Shah, Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath and Union Railway Minister Piyush Goyal were present at the renaming ceremony of the station.

2. Which state will become the first state to give identity cards to gau rakshaks?
a) Uttar pradesh
b) Uttarkhand
c) Madhya Pradesh
d) Tamil Nadu

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Answer b) Uttarkhand. Uttarakhand will become the first state to give identity cards to gau rakshaks (cow protectors), reports quoting officials said. The initiative is aimed at differentiating people who protect cows from those who resort to violence in the name of cow vigilantism.

3. Actor Steven Seagal has been appointed as special envoy between which countries?
a) US- Japan
b) Japan- India
c) Japan- Russia
d) Russia- US

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Answer d) Russia- US. The Russian Foreign Ministry has appointed Hollywood actor Steven Seagal as its special representative for Russian-US humanitarian ties. Adding that he was very grateful for the opportunity, Seagal said, “I’ve always had a very strong desire to do all I can to help improve Russian-American relations.”

4. India becomes _______ Asian nation to get STA-1 status from US.
a) 2nd
b) 3rd
c) 4th
d) 5th

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Answer b) 3rd. India has become the third Asian nation after Japan and South Korea, and 37th overall, to get the Strategic Trade Authorization-1 status from the US. It paves way for high-technology product sales to New Delhi, particularly in civil space and defence sectors.

5. Who has been appointed as new Chief Justice of J&K HC?
a) Gita Mittal
b) Racheal
c) Anu Patnaik
d) Geetha Gavindhan

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Answer a) Gita Mittal . Chief Justice Gita Mittal has been appointed as the Chief Justice of Jammu and Kashmir High Court (HC). She is the acting Chief Justice of Delhi HC. She is the first woman Chief Justice of J&K HC.

6. Who has been appointed as Secretary in the Ministry of External Affairs?
a) Vijaya Kumar
b) Arun Pattel
c) Ajay Thakur Singh
d) Vijay Thakur Singh

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Answer d) Vijay Thakur Singh. Ms. Vijay Thakur Singh is currently India’s envoy to Ireland and will take over as Secretary (EAST) from October 1 after superannuation of Preeti Saran on September 30. She is a 1985 batch officer of the Indian Foreign Service.

7. World’s 1st Hindi-Speaking Robot named as___________.
a) Machirai
b) Rajmuhki
c) Rashmi
d) Anumaya

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Answer c) Rashmi. Ranchi-based software developer Ranjit Srivastava is developing the world’s first Hindi-speaking humanoid robot called Rashmi. The robot will speak Bhojpuri, Marathi, and English, and is equipped with facial expressions and recognition systems.

8. Who has launched Logo And tagline For Geographical Indications?
a) Rajnath Singh
b) Arun Jaitley
c) Vijaya Kuar
d) Suresh Prabhu

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Answer d) Suresh Prabhu. Commerce and Industry Minister Suresh Prabhu launched a logo and tagline for Geographical Indications (GI) to increase awareness about intellectual property rights (IPRs) in the country.

9. Which Government has launched Swachhameva Jayate?
a) Andhra pradesh
b) Telungana
c) Kerala
d) karnataka

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Answer d) karnataka. In order to achieve the status of Open Defecation Free (ODF), Karnataka launched “Swachhameva Jayate” a rural cleanliness and sanitation campaign.

10. Which government has launched ‘Mukhya Mantri Yuva Nestham’?
a) Maharastra
b) Andhra Pradesh
c) Punjab
d) Chattisgarh

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Answer b) Andhra Pradesh. Under the scheme, an allowance of Rs 1000 per month will be provided to unemployed youth in the state. About 12 lakh youths in the age group of 22-35 years will get the benefit of the scheme.

11. Who won the Biel Masters Chess title 2018?
a) Vaibhav Suri
b) Prtihu Gupta
c) Saran Nair
d) Vishnu Vikram

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Answer a) Vaibhav Suri. Grandmaster Vaibhav Suri beat Prtihu Gupta and won the Biel Masters Chess title at Switzerland and made his second Grandmaster-norm in the premier nine-round competition.

12. FICCI FLO launches WOW mobile app for ___________.
a) Child’s Wellness
b) Adult’s Wellness
c) women’s wellness
d) All the above

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Answer c) women’s wellness. FICCI Ladies Organisation (FLO), the women’s wing of Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) has launched WOW (Wellness of Women) mobile application aimed at creating awareness on preventive healthcare for women across the country.

13. Which Government has launched Shaur Nahin mobile application?
a) Himachal Pradesh
b) Arunachal Pradesh
c) Meghalaya
d) wesh Bengal

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Answer a) Himachal Pradesh . Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur launched ‘horn not ok’ awareness campaign and ‘shaur nahin’ (no noise) mobile application.

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