Current Affairs Quiz – April 24 2018

Current Affairs Quiz – April 24 2018

1. Mosul’s Grand al-Nuri Mosque is situated in________.
a) Iraq
b) Iran
c) Syria
d) Qatar

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Answer a) Iraq. The UAE will give $50.4 million (over ₹330 crore) to help rebuild Mosul’s Grand al-Nuri Mosque which was destroyed by Islamic State militants last year. The mosque, famous for its leaning minaret, will be restored and reconstructed in partnership with UNESCO.

2. Which country has stopped the monthly income for unemployed people in their country?
a) Sweden
b) Russia
c) Norway
d) Finland

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Answer d) Finland. The government of Finland has decided not to extend a trial scheme under which a basic income was provided to its citizens since January 2017. Under the programme, 2,000 unemployed people were paid a monthly amount of €560 as basic income.

3.UK-based astronomers have identified a planet, WASP-104b is called as________.
a) Hot Mercury
b) Hot Venus
c) Hot Jupiter
d) Hot Earth

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Answer c) Hot Jupiter. UK-based astronomers have identified a planet that absorbs 97-99% of incoming light. Its property was discovered from the shadow it casts against its host star, 466 light-years away from Earth. The planet, WASP-104b, dubbed as ‘hot Jupiter’ for its similarities to the gas giant, was first discovered in 2014 by the Wide Angle Search for Planets project.

4. Rashtriya Gramin Swaraj Abhiyan scheme is for___________.
a) Strenghten and promote village
b) Develop healthcare
c) Promote the education
d) Scholarship for School students

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Answer a) Strenghten and promote village. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will launch the Rashtriya Gramin Swaraj Abhiyan from Madhya Pradesh’s Mandla. The scheme is reportedly aimed at training, building infrastructure, and setting up initiatives for e-governance under the e-Panchayat Mission Mode Project.

5. ISSF in this ‘F’ represents ____________.
a) French
b) Federation
c) Fundamentals
d) None of these

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Answer b) Federation. International Shooting Sport Federation.

6. Shahzar Rizvi is associated with__________.
a) Swimming
b) Shooting
c) Table Yennis
d) Cricket

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Answer b) Shooting. Shahzar Rizvi on Tuesday clinched India’s first medal at the ongoing ISSF World Cup in Changwon, winning a silver in the 10m air pistol event. Russia’s Artem Chernousov clinched the gold medal with a final score of 240 while the bronze went to Bulgaria’s Samuil Donkov who shot a total score of 217.1.

7. Who won 2018 UNESCO Press Freedom Prize?
a) Nabeel Aslam
b) Mohammed Anwar
c) Abu Zeid
d) Nasr Abu

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Answer c) Abu Zeid. The United Nations’ cultural agency ignored warnings from Egypt and awarded the World Press Freedom Prize Monday to an imprisoned Egyptian photographer. An independent jury panel for the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization gave the honor to Mahmoud Abu Zeid, a photojournalist known as Shawkan.

8.The Ministry of Women and Child Development is headed by ______________.
a) Preeti Sudan
b) A.B.Joshi
c) Shankar Aggarwal
d) Maneka Sanjay Gandhi

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Answer d) Maneka Sanjay Gandhi. The Ministry of Women and Child Development had appointed that Committee has recommended that the Government may establish an ‘Inter Country Parental Child Removal Disputes Resolution Authority’. The authority has been envisaged to provide a one window solution in cases of inter country removal and retention of Children.

9. Government of India and World Bank Signs Agreement to Improve Rural Road Network in ____________.
a) Madhya Pradesh
b) Maharastra
c) Uttar Pradesh
d) Himachal Pradesh

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Answer a) Madhya Pradesh. The Government of India, the Government of Madhya Pradesh and the World Bank today signed a $210 million loan agreement for the Madhya Pradesh Rural Connectivity Project.

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