Current Affairs Daily Digest – March 20 2020

Current Affairs Daily Digest – March 20 2020

Latest Current Affairs

1. French Language Day is observed on 20th March

French Language Day is observed on 20th March. The day explores the influences of the language as a culture, its history, and its achievements. The day celebrates multilingualism and cultural diversity.

French language:

French was developed from Latin between the 5th and 8th centuries. It is one of the Romance languages spoken in the world. French is spoken in more than 25 countries. French was the most important language of diplomacy and international relations from the 17th century to approximately the middle of the 20th century.

2. ISRO to launch 36 missions in the current fiscal year

Union Minister of State (Independent Charge) Atomic Energy and Space, Dr. Jitendra Singh, announced that the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) had planned 36 missions for the fiscal year 2020-21. ISRO is to send up ten earth observation satellites during 2020-21.

Mission of ISRO for FY-2020-21:

  • Earth observation satellite- 10
  • Communication satellite- 3
  • Navigation satellite-
  • Space science satellite- 3
  • Technology Demonstration- 1
  • PSLV- 10
  • GSLV MK II- 3
  • GSLV MK III- 1
  • Small Satellite Launch Vehicle- 2
  • Gaganyaan (Unmanned mission)- 1

3. World Sparrow Day is observed on 20 March

World Sparrow Day is observed on 20th March. It is observed every year. The day aims to raise awareness about the importance of sparrows in the ecosystem. It also conveys the message of conservation of sparrows that are disappearing faster than other common birds.


The theme for the 2020 World Sparrow Day is ‘I Love Sparrow.‘ The day aims to teach the public about the threat of polluted urban environments and non-caring humans to the house sparrow population and to other common bird species.

4. International Day of Happiness is celebrated on 20 March

International Day of Happiness is celebrated on 20 March. The day aims to inspire and advance the global happiness movement. The campaign theme for the year 2020 is ‘Happiness For All, Together.‘ The campaign is a global celebration to mark the United Nations International Day of Happiness.

5. PM Modi addresses the Nation: Introduces “People’s Curfew”, Economic Response Task Force to fight Corona Virus

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation on combating Corona Virus. The PM introduced People’s Curfew during his speech. He also said that Economic Task Force is to be implemented under the Finance Minister.

People’s Curfew The Prime Minister has requested the citizens not to leave their homes between 7 AM and 9 PM. This has been named as People’s Curfew.

6. India and Israel sign Rs 880 crore Defence Deal

The Indian Armed Forces operating under Ministry of Defence signed an agreement with the Israel Weapons Industry. According to the agreement, India is to procure 16, 479 LMG (Light Machine Guns) for Rs 880 crores.

The Light Machine Guns are used as squad automatic weapons. The LMG were first used in Second World War. The name of the LMGs India is buying from Israel is called Negev. Negev is gas operated LMG.

7. International Energy Agency: India the third largest producer of Electricity

The Ministry of Power quoted International Energy Agency ranking in the Parliament. According to the ranking, India is the third largest producer of electricity in the world. Also, it is ranked 106th in terms of per capital consumption.

8. What is Greenco Rating System followed in India?

The Ministry of Railways presented the details of Greenco System in the country in Lok Sabha. As on 2018, 42 Railway Production units have implemented Greenco Rating.

What is GreenCo?

The assessment of major workshops and production units in various industries based on their ecological sustainability. The assessment helps the comapnies in resource conservation and reduction. It also helps to track the environmental impact caused by the infrastructural projects undertaken.

9. Greece handed over Olympic flame to Tokyo 2020 organisers

Greece has handed over the Olympic flame to Tokyo 2020 organisers at an event which was ‘significantly scaled-down’ due to coronavirus pandemic. The ceremony, which took place at Athens’ iconic Panathenaic stadium, did not include the planned cultural ceremonies from Greece or Japan.

10. Italy becomes the country with most deaths due to COVID-19

Italy announced 427 more fatalities from COVID-19 yesterday as it becomes the country with the most deaths due to the virus outbreak. The total death toll in the European nation at more than 3,400 has crossed China’s death toll of 3,245. The total number of infections in Italy has crossed 41000.

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