How to crack the Exam?? Expert Advice from Banker Avantika

Hello Friends,

I am Avantika Choudhry. This is my first attempt in IBPS PO and second in IBPS-SO IT OFFICER which i had missed by 1.25 marks. Here is my preparation strategy. Hope it helps you all.

Quantitative Aptitude

Pick up any chapter, revise your basics then solve some 10 15 questions (easy one, remember you are just revising your basics, difficult ones might lowered down your confidence in the beginning itself) then go for “QUICKER MATHS by M. Tyra”, solve every question in that, there are so many shortcuts in the book which help you in quick solving of the problem

Then, if you want and have time, solve questions from QUANTUM CAT—SARVESH K VERMA (green color book) only till level 1..[THIS IS OPTIONAL, BUT AFTER SEEING THE CUT-OFF, IT WILL BE A GOOD STEP]

Then, most importantly solve different types of problems, mix problems. There are many good sites for the same.

1.If you are not good in world problems, stop worrying about that, I am sure still there are few world problem chapters which are doable , focus on those chapters and leave rest. for eg., I never understand “Mixture and Allegation” and straight away skip its question while attending quizzes, Speed test and in the exam as well.

2.Practice simplification, approximation, average, ratio and proportion a lot, this will also help you in solving word problems ,your speed will increase as well as your confidence.

3. Learn table till 20, squares till 20 and cubes at least till 15.

Quantitative Aptitude


I don’t have any book for this reasoning and used to practice from different sites. PRACTICE IS THE KEY for this sections.Solve different type of problems and dont ignore puzzles especially after seeing IBPS PO 5 exam.

Reasoning MCQs


1.You can’t learn grammar in few days, its a time taking process, so please have patience. If you want and don’t have any problem with Hindi language you can refer to this book for English grammar — “A mirror of common errors by Dr. Ashok Kumar Singh (Students Friends is the publisher)

2. START READING and its not necessary it should be editorial, it could be anything, means anything, but read. My grammar is not good but I read a lot, and trust me it work, its really work. Reading will improve your vocabulary which will help you in solving cloze test, sentence rearrangement, fillers etc..

3.Again practice, practice from internet.

Quiz on English (1500 + MCQs)


No book for this section for me , but I attempt on-line quizzes for this section and many quizzes.

I had gone through this book “Computer Awarness—Arihant Publications” its a good book.

Friends this is one of the most easiest sections you can score a full 20 in it, just go through different types of MCQ.



DAYTODAYGK deserves a special mention, i owe a lot to this site for my current affairs sections.

I religiously follow this site, infact this is the first site i bookmarked and first thing in the morning is to read current affairs from it and attend current affairs quiz.

Also, i revised what ever i read on regular basis.This is required with this section. I used to spend at least 2 hours on this section daily.

You can refer to other sites as well for more coverage, but I think DAYTODAYGK provides you a lot.



I am from a non-banking background so this section is bit difficult for me, again for this section i had completely relied on internet. I solve various MCQs available on internet, read various banking articles available on DAYTODAYGK and few are just awesome. for eg article named hedge funds decoded, inflation and its types decoded, Various accounts maintained by NRI to name a few.Again no book for this.

“Banking Awarness—Arihant Publications” its a good book.

Banking Quiz (1500+ MCQs)


As this is very vast so I had prepared only selective topics like bank and their HQs, some countries and their capitals, their currencies, states CMs and their governors, cities on the bank of rivers this much.

Few points

1. Current affairs and Banking, Computers can help you in scoring good marks and that too in no time, so work on these sections.

2. I studied current affairs regularly and never depend on last minute GK notes which various sites used to publish before exams.

3 . I gave speed test only for preliminary exam.

4. Practice previous paper also, this will also help you a lot.

5. If you cant get any question in one reading or, two skip that. Don’t spend too much time on any question , TIME MANAGEMENT is very important.

Enjoy this preparation phase, don’t make this exam or any other exam as the most important thing in your life.but work hard and STAY POSITIVE.

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