General Knowledge Quiz – Set Seventy Three

1. The controversial Koel Karo project is a
a) Mining project
b) Thermal Power  plant
c) Hydel Project
d) Captive Plantation project

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Answer a) Thermal Power Plant

2. The Great Indian Bustard is found in
a) Western Ghats
b) Thar Desert
c) Run of Kutch
d) Loktak Sanctuary

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Answer b) Thar Desert

3. The controversial Silent Valley Project was a
a) Oil Refinery
b) Mining Project
c) River Valley Project
d) Thermal power project

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Answer a) Oil Refinery

4. The book ‘Silent Spring’ published in 1960 was written by
a) Sunderlal Bahuguna
b) Rachel Carson
c) Salim Ali
d) David Matthews

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Answer b) Rachel Carson

5. Which equipment releases ozone gas?
a) Gas stove
b) Refrigerator
c) Photocopier
d) Microwave Oven

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Answer c) Photocopier

6. An example of in-situ conservation is
a) Captive breeding
b) Zoos
c) Sacred Groves
d) Germplasm Collection

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Answer c) Scared Groves

7. The major Pollutant present in cigarette smoke is
a) CO and Dioxin
b) Nicotine and CO
c) Benzene and CO
d) Dioxin and Benzene

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Answer b) Nicotine and CO

8. Cold blooded animals are also known as
a) Hypotherms
b) Poikiotherms
c) Eurytherms
d) Cryotherms

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Answer b) Poikiotherms

9. For remote villages which can be the most suitable media for environmental education?
a) Television
b) Newspaper
c) Radio
d) Handbills

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Answer c) Radio

10. Which mode of transportation is least damaging to environment?
a) Buses
b) Electric trains
c) Aeroplanes
d) Cars

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Answer b) Electric Trains

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