General Knowledge Quiz – Set Sixty Six

1. Lightening in the atmosphere produces
a) NO
b) CO
c) CO2
d) NH3

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Answer a) NO

2. In India the biggest source of industrial organic pollution are
a) Distilleries
b) Pulp and Paper industries
c) Textiles Units
d) Tanneries

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Answer a) Distilleries

3. DDT accumulates in which part of the body
a) Bones
b) Blood
c) Fat
d) Muscles

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Answer c) Fat

4. In Science, Jar test is used to determine
a) Turbidity of water
b) Settling of colloids
c) Coagulant dose
d) Coagulation time

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Answer c) Coagulant dose

5. Permanent hardness is caused by
a) Bicarbonates and Sulphates
b) Carbonates and Chlorides
c) Carbonates and Bicarbonates
d) Chlorides and Sulphates

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Answer d) Chlorides and Sulphates

6. Which industry is the biggest user of mercury
a) Fugicides
b) Pulp and paper
c) Electroplating
d) Chlor-alkali

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Answer d) Chlor-alkali

7. DDT can reduce bird population by
a) BY affecting their breeding time
b) Thermal insulation
c) Reducing their sperm count
d) Increasing their fragility of eggs

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Answer d) Increasing their fragility of eggs

8. Dobson is the unit of
a) Greenhouse gas
b) Sound
c) Conc. of Ozone in troposphere
d) Light

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Answer c) Conc. of ozone in troposphere

9. The major ore of mercury is
a) Galena
b) Azurite
c) Magnetite
d) Cinnabar

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Answer d) Cinnabar

10. Knock-Knee syndrome is caused by which of the following element
a) Arsenic toxicity
b) Cadmium Toxicity
c) Fluoride Toxicity
d) Selenium Toxicity

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Answer c) Fluoride Toxicity

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