English Quiz – Fifty Nine

1. Mr. Srinivasan is________ to become Chairman of the group ________ the retirement of his father.
a) set, following
b) voted, subsequent
c) Selected, despite
d) Approved, because
e) decided, after

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Answer a) set, following

2. ________ to your error the ________ consignment has been delayed by a week.
a) According, important
b) Duly, urgent
c) Owing, entire
d) Added, crucial
e) Admitting, special

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Answer c) Owing, entire

3. On account of the ________ in sales the software ?rm has achieved an eight per cent ________ in net profit.
a) surge, fall
b) increase, rise
c) decline, slope
d) hike, loss
e) growth, advance

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Answer b) increase, rise

4. We are proud to say that today ________ 26 per cent of our total accounts are ________ by women and senior citizens.
a) approximate, held
b) nearly, authorised
c) over, maintain
d) above, open
e) around, operated

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Answer e) around, operated

5. The company has ________ special training to employees on ________ to trade online.
a) announced, bene?ts
b) offered, course
c) imparted, risks
d) sanction, skills
e) provided, how

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Answer e) provided, how

6. People were ________ of the two brothers because their behaviour seemed________.
a) anxious, notorious
b) suspicious, unusual
c) unmindful, gentle
d) aware, dispassionate
e) cautious, generous

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Answer b) suspicious, unusual

7. The army regime has announced some steps on ________ democracy and fighting ________.
a) clamping, anarchy
b) ruling, voters
c) restoring, terrorism
d) enlightening, anti-corruption
e) waiving, minorities

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Answer c) restoring, terrorism

8. ________the death of one of the contestants, the election to the seat has been________ .
a) Despite, postponed
b) Because of, conducted
c) With, skipped
d) In spite of, stopped
e) Owing to, countermanded

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Answer e) Owing to, countermanded

9. The captain of our team was ________ because of the ________ performance of our opponents.
a) upset, poor
b) nervous, uneventful
c) happy, excellent
d) elated, bad
e) annoyed, thorough

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Answer d) elated, bad

10. He objected to the proposal because it was founded on a ________ principle and also was ________ at times.
a) Faulty, desirable
b) Imperative, reasonable
c) Wrong, inconvenient
d) Sound, acceptable
e) Conforming, deplorable

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Answer c) Wrong, inconvenient

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