Banking Quiz – 7

My Dear Banking Aspirants,

Awareness in Banking as well as Economics is very important for all kind of Bank exams ie Private as well as Public sector banks. This Banking Quiz comprises Questions from Recent Banking Affairs. Hope it helps you all.

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1. SBI has recently initiated new loan collection model , on what basis it allows borrowers to pay back ?
a) Monthly basis
b) Daily basis
c) Weekly basis
d) Yearly basis

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Answer b) daily basis

2. With which entity SBI offers new loan collection model which allows borrowers to pay back on daily basis?
a) Uber cabs
b) Taxi Taxi
c) OLA cabs
d) Call taxi

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Answer c) OLA cabs

3. What was the interface launched by NPCI, which enable all account holders to send and receive money from one smart phone with single identifier ?
a) Unified payment interface
b) Core banking system
c) Unified billing system
d) Multi core processing

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Answer a) Unified payment interface

4. Which bank issued india’s first green infrastructure bond ?
a) Indusind bank
b) SBI
c) Canara bank
d) Yes bank

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Answer d) yes bank

5. In which projects does the amount 500 crore raised for green infrastructure bond will be utilized ?
a) Agricultural benefits
b) Renewable energy and energy efficiency projects
c) Forest conservation
d) Core development

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Answer b) renewable energy and energy efficiency projects

6.How much amount does SBI committed for generation of 15000MW of renewable energy in the next five year ?
a) 75,000 crore
b) 80,000 crore
c) 25,000 crore
d) 50,000 crore

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Answer a) 75,000 crore

7. Who is the head of the committee which evaluate application received for the proposed small finance bank.
a) Sindhuja subburaj
b) Usha anantha subramaniyam
c) Usha thorat
d) Arundathi battacharya

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Answer c) Usha Thorat

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