Are you willing to pay the Price?

In the world, almost Everything has its price. I believe there are only two things which are Priceless, Parent’s love and the Knowledge. Everything else has its own Price tag. No matter if it is a plush apartment or shiny car or high salary job. You can have everything, all of these things,  provided you agree to bear the cost.

Even your Dream comes with a price tag. Price which is not certain, price which can not be define in terms of money, Price which is definitely affordable because it consist of  Determination, persistence, failures, labor, sweat etc… I know  you can afford it  because my friend you have these qualities in you but the real question is “Are you willing to Pay the Price?”.

Are You? Ask this question to yourself umpteen times before reading this article further.

Dreams remain Dreams until you commit yourself to make them a reality.  It doesn’t matter, whether you see them with close eyes or open eyes. It is easy to see dreams but very tough to turn it into reality.  It is easy to make someone your Ideal but tough to walk on the path in which they did. It is very easy to say -“I want to become…..this and that …but very tough to fight for your dreams. It is very easy to pay the coaching fee and fill the examination forms again and again to give vague attempts but It is tough to pay the real price of your dreams.

I don’t know what are your dreams? but i am sure, you all have some and you have endured them day and night. Before you make something your Dream? Just ask some Questions to yourself and answer them with pristine heart. Ask- Do you really love it?, Do you want to do it for yourself or for your parents or relatives? How much it matters to You? Are you willing to spend the sleepless night? Are you willing to loose some of your friends? Are you willing to switch off your cell for few hours? Can you stop yourself from watching your favorite Actor’s movie? Are you willing to cancel your date? Are you willing to fight the world to realise your dreams? Are you willing to fail? Are you brave enough to get up again and achieve it?

No matter what your dreams are ?, every dream requires these above things to make it a reality and when these things are summed up,  it becomes Dedication.

Dedication, yes Dedication is the Price of your dreams. Are you willing to pay it. If yes, then comment below- I am willing to Pay the Price no matter what the cost is!!

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