25000 Likes and Counting 🙂 Thank You DayTodayGK Readers!!!

Six months ago, we were sitting with bare hands and sole idea in mind- DayTodayGK.com. At that particular moment, Idea in itself seemed impossible. The idea felt draconian as we were incomplete, yes incomplete….Without YOU.

All we had was an idea, a laptop, few amateur writers and little bit of Knowledge. The day is so vivid in my eyes, when we thought of making Facebook page. We were nervous, uncertain and scared. But, a sense of contentment filled our heart when we remember the Geeta’s verse – Do your Job without expecting anything in return.

And then, yes then, my friends, we pressed the key and geared up our preparation and finally made our page with zero followers. Now, with 25000 likes, we finally feel complete. Yes, we feel complete because of YOU. But, our quest is not yet over because you are endless and we want to connect each one of you, so that we can built a better community, better world by Sharing our Knowledge.

We want to thank YOU for making us a complete family, for trusting us and last but not the least for supporting us in this beautiful voyage.

Today, we at DayTodayGK,  take a vow and promise you all that with each passing day, we will grow better and will continue to work with full dedication and keep fulfilling our promises.

Thank You!!Thank You!! Thank You!!!

Even if we say it thousand times, it will not be enough to return the love you have given to us.

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